Coffee love and peppers

I am currently working on my second batch of cold brew coffee.  Before J and I got married I attempted it and boy what a mess! I was given a not to happy expression when I mentioned making another batch for the hot summer weather.  There were coffee grounds all over the counter (plus the floor) and it took HOURS to drain all the coffee.  I received some feedback from a friend that a French Press coffee maker works well to separate the grounds quickly.  However, even though I am a big fan of coffee and own four different coffee makers, my collection does not include a French Press.   I was all prepared to suck it up and do it all over again when I looked at my drip coffee maker and thought “it drains hot coffee fast enough!”.  I’m excited to say it is going much quicker and minus the mess, woohoo!

When J and I first started dating every time I cooked for him he would tell me how much he loved it.  What I came to realize is he actually did!  I was skeptical at first and would throw some interesting ingredients in there but I was pleasantly surprised he was willing to try anything at least once, or twice if made a different way.  Excellent!  I love to cook and experiment so he is the perfect test subject.  His skills in the kitchen are somewhat lacking but he is great at cutting onions I can’t see through the tears and helping in anyway he can.

When I got him to agree to watch Food Inc with me I was worried that I would be disgusted by the things I saw and that he wouldn’t be affected and would want to keep eating the way we were.  I had known about Food Inc. for several years before and was toting the “Ignorance is bliss” mind set.  Surprisingly, J was the one to push to eat better in the beginning.  I have certainly picked up the slack in the last month or so and ruined several of his favorite places to eat (Subway, anyone? Ew.) but he defiantly got the ball rolling.  I love him for that.

We have added a few new foods to our diet.  We tried Quinoa for the first time in a stuffed pepper.  It was the first time I had actually enjoyed a stuffed pepper.  Before that I thought they were too saucy and had a  “weird” texture for me.  Honestly, I think that may be from the fact that I only really remember eating microwavable ones.  Being an avid label reader now and a new Step-Mom I am trying to cut back on the junk the kids eat while they are with us.   This would be difficult with kids that live with you full time it is even more so when they have full access to the food they are used to when they are not with us.  I am slowly introducing new foods with them and the peppers were one they loved, success!

Give credit where credit is due:


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