Clean 15 or is it?

We’ve been trying to stick to the clean 15 for our non-organic items.  Partly because of the price of organic produce and because we live in an area without a lot of access to organic items.  Yes, we have a Walmart and Tops but if you look through Walmart the only organics I’ve found are the occasional green pepper for $2 per pepper.  You can find some other organic things in Walmart if you hunt them down, Annie’s Mac and Cheese, Muir Glenn, chicken, etc.  Tops is easier to shop in with the organic aisles put together in one section for cereals, pastas, soups, etc.  But the produce is just a little corner of celery, carrots, and a few other items that are hit and miss.

When we first started this I didn’t know how we were going to be able to do it in the area we live in.  I already make our own white-whole wheat bread since I have yet to find any around here.  Local bakeries use bleached all-purpose flour for the most part and when I do find some with whole wheat there are usually a list of preservatives involved.  The dirty dozen and clean 15 were a relief when I found them.  Now I came across the fact that the onions (and garlic) are sprayed with anti-sprouting agents AFTER harvest. TOXIC anti-sprouting agents.  Are these included in making them #1 on the clean 15?  I doubt it 🙂

I’ve tried to do some research on these but I can’t find much other than it’s toxic.  I’m sure that is what makes the outer skin on the onions crisp.  Interestingly enough I was just thinking the other day “why do the onions I buy from the farmers market have a different type skin?”.  I know they use them on potatoes to prevent spuds (stopping mitosis) which is why I opt for sweet potatoes when possible.

Thinking about it makes you wonder how clean are the clean 15? Sure they are better alternatives than the dirty dozen but still, not great for you.  How much does the anti-sprouting agent penetrate into the onion?  I doubt it is only the outside layer.  Do we really want to put something in our bodies that stops mitosis? No.

I use at least 4 onions a week in the food I make for our family.  With the health benefits of onions I was excited to know they were on the clean list. Now I am back to feeling overwhelmed and frustrated trying to eat healthy in today’s world.


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