Grain free for a week? Challenge accepted.

We changed our eating habits over six months ago and while we have more energy we haven’t seen much change in our appearance so we decided to try something different for a week. Our regular diet includes a lot of whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread, rice, and quinoa.  I don’t remember eating so much pasta when I was younger but when you come home at 7 am after working all night hungry all you want is something quick and easy so you can get to sleep! Enter pasta.  Easy, quick, and filling.  Or if I’m not in the mood to cook then there are always Triskets and cheese.

That is why we decided to try the grain free.  Wheat free would have been much easier but we still rely heavy on a lot of grain during the week.  It has been a long week with meetings and weird shifts for the both of us so I’m going to do my best to remember what we had since we didn’t stick to my meal plan. 

  • Friday:  Spaghetti squash used as noodles topped with a meat sauce.  Grain free pumpkin bread. 
  • Saturday:   Quinoa stir fry with zucchini and yellow squash. Quinoa is technically a seed even though in some people it is digested like a grain, I soaked it overnight to help digestion.
  • Sunday: Buckwheat pancakes! We were craving something like carbs.  Even though it has wheat in the name it is a seed, too!
  • Monday: Cottage pie. (Veggies topped with mashed cauliflower and cheese)
  • Tuesday:  Tortilla soup with sour cream, avocado, and cheddar cheese
  • Wednesday: Beef taco bowl
  • Thursday: Quinoa pasta topped with lemony tuna and asparagus


 Breakfast usually was an omelette or yogurt.  Lunch was the hardest part for me since I’m used PB&J or leftovers.  There weren’t many leftovers this week and no bread! I literally had a carrot and celery stalk one day.

We  tried baked Quinoa crackers which were to be honest kind of weird.  They didn’t have the crunchy cracker taste to it even after baking them longer so I might try to fry them a little in coconut oil next time.  I also made grain free peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies.  There were good but had a strong sucanat after taste to them, but I was out of vanilla so that may have been why. 

I do feel more alert throughout the night which is great because I’ve been feeling exhausted lately.  J is really excited about it and wants to do a second week.  We are going to have REAL pizza (mmmm doughy deliciousness) tomorrow, then off to a wedding Saturday, and then on Sunday start week 2!


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